Don´t procrastinate, and Eat That Frog!

Keep calm and don´t procrastinateEnglish is the language of Internet, is the language of business … so let´s go and enjoy Shakespeare!

Do you know what a Frog is? There is an old English saying about if you eat a live frog every morning, you will enjoy the rest of the day knowing that the worst thing has already happened, and anything worse can happen. But keep in mind that you don´t have to take it literally ;)

I found this phrase during a training course on “Time Management” last month. It comes from Brian Tracy´s book “Eat that Frog”. It´s about 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. The author says that if you first do what you must do, even being the hardest and most tedious task, what you don´t like doing, the rest of the day you will do other tasks in an easy way.

It was not a revelation, it is about common sense, but I realized that it use to happen in the real world. Sometimes we leave those tasks we don´t like doing for the end of the day. And we are thinking about it the whole day, so we think about it more than in what we are doing in that moment. It is like a slab in our heads all day… So, take note that if you do that task, if you eat that Frog in the early morning, you will feel free for the rest of the day and you will be more productive.  It´s going to be my motto. I recommend it. The more I know, the more I study, the more I work on my passion for Online and Social Media, the more I realize that we still have a very big Frog in Spain, a king size Frog: the poor use of Social Media in business.

Internet meant the third revolution after the fire and the wheel… Could you now imagine your lives without Internet? It changed everything in only in 20 years: communication, relationships, leisure, (even sex)… and business of course. We can do everything, anywhere… and now. We use Internet as a tool to improve our productivity at work, but there is more we can do.

We can improve our business results easily, by upgrading our relationship with customers using Social Media. Social Media are a new way of understanding the relationship between people. And more importantly, between people and companies. Communication becomes bidirectional. The concept Social Media is very large and includes Social Networks, blogs, forums, websites, communities, emailing… all about the online communication. But the leading role is for Social Networks. In order to realize the scope of the Networks:

Social Network use

We still have a very long way to go! Social Networks are teenagers, but we already know their power. They allow us to talk, to listen, to discuss, to interact… with other people and other companies… all around the world. So that´s the key.  Social Media is a very direct and cheap way for Marketing. We can know our customers, our clients, our consumers… deeply.

Marketing has changed. Now we talk about:

PERSONALIZATION: customization to satisfy the customer. We give him an experience more than a product.

PARTICIPATION: Consumer becomes a Prosumer because creates content, opinion, brand… for a Company. They form communities around a brand, and we must promote their participation.

PEER TO PEER: Consumer trust over the recommendation of a friend, more than of advertising recommendations. It is the power of word of mouth.

PREDICTIONS: We can use the analytics to measure and optimize our actions, and above all, we can foresee trends.

So we know that the focus is on the CUSTOMER. But, why? Because:

–  70% of people would change brands if seeing negative comments about it on Social Networks.

– 60% of people to be influenced by what their friends say.

– Branding and advertising in Mass Media is perceived as intrusive. But 50% of people are expectant of the gain they can get with their relationship with brands in the Networks.

What Companies should do? Much in Spain. First of all, realize that communication and relationship with the customer has changed. Then, pay attention to some tips of what to do before diving into the Social Netwoks.

Be clear, expect results, but not immediately and leave the management of the Social Media in the hands of a professional. Social Networks can be sales channel and furthermore, the interaction with customers will help to increase sales. The engagement and loyalty are our goals.

And to conclude, think globally and please note that our customer is at the distance of  only 1 click. We have the perfect tools, so why don´t we use them?



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