Don´t procrastinate, and Eat That Frog!

Keep calm and don´t procrastinateEnglish is the language of Internet, is the language of business … so let´s go and enjoy Shakespeare!

Do you know what a Frog is? There is an old English saying about if you eat a live frog every morning, you will enjoy the rest of the day knowing that the worst thing has already happened, and anything worse can happen. But keep in mind that you don´t have to take it literally ;)

I found this phrase during a training course on “Time Management” last month. It comes from Brian Tracy´s book “Eat that Frog”. It´s about 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. The author says that if you first do what you must do, even being the hardest and most tedious task, what you don´t like doing, the rest of the day you will do other tasks in an easy way.

It was not a revelation, it is about common sense, but I realized that it use to happen in [Leer más…]